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Carla J. Chambers-Alexander
Carla J. Chambers-Alexander  
    Carla J. Chambers is a Certified Professional Coach, Certified Group Leader, Certified Career Coach, Counselor (lifetime credential with the State of California), and a recently retired professor of psychology at Diablo Valley Community College in Pleasant Hill, California. An Ohio native, Carla holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in elementary education from Central State University and a Master’s of Arts degree in counseling from Ohio State University. Carla worked in higher education for over 30 years. Her community work includes service as a mentor for students and for girls in foster care, an elementary and high school consultant, a teenage pregnancy prevention advocate, and a liaison for students with learning disabilities.

Carla has coaching certifications in the areas of life, group leadership and weight loss from the Fowler Wainwright International Institute of Professional Coaching. She is also a Certified True Colors Career Development Counselor and a member of the international Association of Coaching.

Carla’s approach is insightful and produces results! Because Carla’s experience is so extensive, varied and unique, she is open to coaching anyone in need of her services. But she also specializes in working with people in transition, such as:

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  • Those who are considering divorce and would like to save their marriage.
  • Those who are facing the challenges of divorce, including managing finances, experiencing an empty nest, and balancing work and other obligations.

  • Those who are navigating the stages of loss as a result of
    a divorce.
  • Those who are “downsizing,” either in career or personal life.

  • Those who want to change careers.

  • Those who are grieving and going through bereavement.
  • Menopausal or post-menopausal women, particularly with those trying to lose and manage weight.

  • Those who are trying to manage work and home.
Fowler Wainwright International
IAC Member  
Coming from such an experienced background, Carla believes coaching is the perfect complement to her counseling skills. She is driven by her need to see her clients become successful, healthy and whole. Carla uses her innate compassion, insight and intuition to achieve this, with tremendous results. Contact Carla today to see those results in your own life! Click HERE to schedule your first session!
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