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From my first conversation with "Ms. Carla" as I fondly call her, I knew I had found the right life/career coach. Using her innate ability to see the deeper side of people, she inspired me to find the truth about myself that I needed to be reminded of. Because of her encouragement, I was inspired to continue with my Master's degree, go on a Medical Mission trip to Mozambique, apply for positions which I previously felt unqualified for and have a renewed relationshihp with my spouse. This occurred all in a matter of 6-8 weeks. She totally turned my life around! I was depressed, hopeless and aimless. I was motivated to help myself but found MY own tool belt empty. She listened with patience and gave guidance without judgment. It was exactlly what I needed.

This year has become my year of "endless possibilities" because I believe in myself again and practice seeing myself through the vision statement she helped me create. I believe anyone who is "stuck" or just needs a fresh set of eyes to help them make it to the next level, would benefit from working with Ms. Carla. I am eternally grateful.


Prior to interacting with my life coach, Ms. Chambers, I had absolutely no concept of time. Completing most tasks was impossible for me; staying focused was very difficult.

After my third sesson with my life coach, she helped me to realize that I needed to keep a daily journal of my daily activities. This has helped me immensely in my personal and professional life. Thank you, Carla!

Elvis Price
Los Angeles, CA

My life seemed to be at a total stand still. I was becoming increasingly depressed because I could not formulate a plan to move forward that I would stay with.

My life coach, Carla helped me to face, understand and accept the underlying problems. She then helped me with a plan to use my talent in writing to release pent up frustrations. Doing this opened my mind to the endless possibilities of a fulfilled future.

T. Balara
Elsinore, CA

Carla helped me to realize I needed to work on my self-esteem and to surround myself with positive people.

Thank you so much.

Los Angeles, CA

Carla is very patient and listens intently. She asked the right questions in order for me to move towards resolution. Her helpfulness has led to the realization of my goals. Thank you for your keen insights!

Los Angeles, CA

Carla is easy to speak with. She encouraged me to think deeply and bring forward all that is within. Her abilities are amazing, and I have felt relief and was provided with purposeful direction and steps to success. Her helpfulness has led me to the realization of my goals. I will use her again when I find myself stuck.

San Francisco Bay area, CA

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